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road ahead

the road ahead

In April I decided to look ahead. Making plans and acting on them has challenged me to take a closer look at my path. God gets involved in our plans and decisions when we take¬†initiative. “But if anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for members of his household, he has denied the […]

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grandparents on beach

a Unificationist looking towards 2020 should start with their family

As I think more about how our movement, and my local congregation, sets a course towards 2020, my first feeling is I need to start with more of a midterm perspective. We have always been so short term, I need to get in to long term planning step by step. When we have a coherent […]

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how far ahead can you see? …sermon thoughts

¬†…sermon thoughts on part 3 of our time management series.¬† Planning is an important aspect of managing your time. It helps to break down your time into smaller blocks whether it is hours in a day or months in the year. When you are trying to reach a destination breaking your journey into manageable chunks […]

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do you have a vision?

do you have a vision?

A personal and public vision: Some people know either at 5, 10, or 16 years old what they want to do in their life: doctor, footballer, musician, accountant. I was never one of those. I never really knew where I was heading until I found God, or rather until God found me. But honestly, I […]

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