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Donald Rumsfeld and the perfect mystical reading for a wedding

  Going to attend an old primary school friend’s wedding in two weeks in a barn in Sussex. Ned was always a big reader, and as a consequence has an idea on how to use literature. He has given me a Poo bear verse by A.A.Milne to read called the ‘the two of us.’ It’s […]

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no fear

ever had that feeling when you know your innocent, so you have nothing to hide, and you have No Fear. That is basically our media policy. The documentary coming out on Channel 4 on Thursday 31st May, Married to the Moonies, is a new bench mark in our approach to communication, and as a consequence […]

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snow at blessing

a proud day for Unificationists

sometimes we tend to put ourselves down as a movement but when you participate in a blessing event you can only feel pride for True Parents, the movement, and our community. Just being at the resort the last few days with all the 2nd Gen couples getting ready for their big day and being at […]

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(husband and wife moments no.2) marriage is also a friendship?

Life is interconnected especially when it comes to family relationships, so normally I don’t find it too helpful to separate things out, but sometimes it does help to bring clarity to my heart. I was sitting on the sofa with Chieko and wondering, if we were to take away (hypothetically of course) the children, the […]

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