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new Dads needed for the 100m sprint – reflection on the South London Summer Camp

There are a few events and programs that I have been to while being part of our movement that with hindsight I have probably decided weren’t so valuable, but one annual date in the my family’s calendar is the South London summer camp, which I have never once regretted taking part in. It distils some […]

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mark and eddie going to school

recent experiences of learning to pray

Prayer is still far from being as much a natural part of daily life as I would like it to be. But here are a few recent thoughts on the prayer life journey of the Cooper family. Routine prayer is often difficult. And one of the prayer routines we have is that some of the […]

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Sleepy kids are clever

Amy just came up to our bedroom in the attic, thudding up the stairs with great determination. And got into our bed. I was thinking let one of us go back down with you and help you go back to sleep. I want to conserve the space in our bed. she wasn’t keen. I asked […]

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Christmas eve thoughts & conversations

driving back from dinner with the rest of the family in Wimbledon, & being half German we had opened our presents this evening, we were discussing going to our local church tomorrow morning, and how that meant not going to bed super late. The boys came up with some interesting arguments. “Didn’t we read in the […]

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grandparents on beach

a Unificationist looking towards 2020 should start with their family

As I think more about how our movement, and my local congregation, sets a course towards 2020, my first feeling is I need to start with more of a midterm perspective. We have always been so short term, I need to get in to long term planning step by step. When we have a coherent […]

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don’t just change the name!

don’t just change the name!

  >>>Name changes: Recently we changed our name of our movement internationally, again. We changed it back to FFWPU. Was this just a change of the name on the tin or was it also meant to be a change of what’s on the inside? If it is going to change on the inside, well how? […]

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junk in the chrysler

the problem with blood brothers

have you ever noticed it can sometimes be easier to serve/help a total stranger or someone from outside your immediate family than those you grew up with as a child? We talk about ‘love your neighbour’, but it can often be a greater challenge to maintain patience, generosity and perspective with one’s actual siblings. I […]

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eddie and amy on stairs

leadership & team work lessons start from your family

Have been thinking a lot recently about why I decided to step down from my role of leading and managing our UK Unification Movement on the national level, and feeling more inspired to work on the local congregational level. One of the reasons of course was that I was being asked not to manage and […]

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view from a room

the grass is always greener on the other side

Here are Mark & Eddie arriving at Incheon last week straight off the plane from Heathrow. I was so looking forward to seeing them and missed my family, end of story: But, travelling alone abroad with two small children has not always been a walk in the park. Just occasionally did my temper get a […]

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amy with tea

a little girl with a big influence…

It’s so nice to witness the boys put down the X box controller, pause FIFA12, etc, and come and watch their little sister play with her doll. She is a blessing in their life, helping to remind them there is another side to their world.   She gives them an opportunity to be concerned, when they […]

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