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feet fight

Chieko & I were going to bed, and I wanted to talk…

Chieko and I were going to bed and I wanted to talk about the little family meeting we had held earlier on before the kids went up stairs. I asked Chieko how she felt it went. She was tired so she didn’t say so much other than that she thought it was fine. So I […]

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hand and key

something or someone out there is listening to what you say

I had a hope while we were living else where that when we moved back in to our home I would start a small group in our street. I would put a letter through every door and….and it was far enough off for me not to really have to do anything, and not have a […]

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project 2020 – commentary & opinion

A few people said they can’t get access to the US FFWPU member’s site, and asked me to post the recent opinion piece that they asked me to write for them. SO here it is: [OPINON] Response to Announcement of the “2020 Project”   The following is a response to the International Memo announcing the […]

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let your church leadership hear your voice

let your church leadership hear your voice

Just wanted to let people know that from Thursday 7th – Sunday 10th the leadership of the UK Unification Movement will be having a residential meeting out in Cleeve House, Seend, Wiltshire. We are currently trying to thrash out what format our meeting should take and what matters we should be tackling, how we can […]

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typing on mac

monday morning emails

About to go through my emails. All of them from last week; gritting my teeth. Who likes it when their emails receive a reply? everyone does! especially in an age when everyone is more likely to get a reply to a txt than from an email. following on from my last post and a comment […]

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guardian article sept 2012

the media might show us the way forward

The media, if we engage with it properly, might show us the way forward and help us reach our goal of sharing the gospel. We don’t always like what journalists say about our unification movement and Rev Moon. It’s frustrating. But despite the media’s often limited ability to research in greater depth, they nevertheless play […]

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behind the creative process at the student Divine Principle Workshop

This was all about exploring effective communication….. Here is just over 10 minutes of edited footage of the creative process that the participants went through at the Divine Principle workshop last week. The final results of this process are also on the you tube site and linked to my blog from last week. I put this up […]

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