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TP Tour – London – Final JPEGs – 1 STAR-18 copy

remember Spring 2011? we could be having a repeat…

Last spring we had a v special visit from our Unification Movement’s founders, our True Parents,  in which they took 3 days to be together with our membership, speak to several thousand people and also visit several historical sites around London. Many people in our Unification Movement community, Unificationists and Ambassadors for Peace, pitched in […]

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amy with tea

a little girl with a big influence…

It’s so nice to witness the boys put down the X box controller, pause FIFA12, etc, and come and watch their little sister play with her doll. She is a blessing in their life, helping to remind them there is another side to their world.   She gives them an opportunity to be concerned, when they […]

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diary notes – we can’t love when there is accusation in our heart

(written last night but the wireless died half way through) appraisals: had a good day. carried on meetings with 43LG community staff doing work reviews/appraisals. It’s our first time doing it in a structured way, it’s a learning process, but v inspiring, and able to see how it can really make a difference to our […]

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Cameron’s speech on our Christian nation

  Commemorating the version’s 400th anniversary   Check against delivery version Prime Minister: It’s great to be here and to have this opportunity to come together today to mark the end of this very special 400th anniversary year for the King James Bible. I know there are some who will question why I am giving […]

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43LG congregation brings the spirit of Christmas to W2

What makes Christmas special for you? The songs we sing that speak to us about the grace of God’s son being born are for many of us what brings the Christmas spirit alive. A good group from our congregation went out with some friends and sang our way through the Hallfield Estate all the way […]

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Bail out story

Something I got from Richard Biddlecombe in an email: It is a slow day in a little Greek village. The rain is beating down and the streets are deserted. Times are tough, everyone is in debt, and everybody lives on credit. On this particular day a rich German tourist is driving through the village, looking […]

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a DIY character reference

I often get asked by a range of people in the community and the congregation for a character reference when they are applying for a new job. I tend to write the good things about them, which is normally not hard to do, and leave out any limitations they have. We don’t tend to like […]

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God’s Word: what, why & how

We just started a new series at 43LG looking at what is God’s word, why we might study it, and how we study. Here is part 1. there is also before the sermon a good report and testimony from the group of young people who went to Albania last summer and a video about their […]

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