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The ripple effect

The ripple effect

A young lady in our congregation told me she wanted to start a fast the other day. She is waitressing at the same time most of the days in a restaurant and commuting in this icy weather. Since she has started I have been staying in touch by phone. So far she has been doing […]

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understanding the parable of the sheep & goats

we were looking at Matthew 25: 31-46 last Sunday: the whole point Jesus is trying to get across to the people he is talking to is that when you attend, help, and serve people in dire need you can get closer to him and to God. Why? God wants to share his compassion, actively healing […]

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no ready made meals please, we’re building the kingdom

Why i like the food in my house: its never ready made meals out of a microwave, instead my wife always starts from scratch whether it is biscuits, cake, or a main course, pizza, curry, etc. She makes the dishes, not someone in a food factory in Birmingham. That’s why I prefer to eat at […]

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find yourself in your work, and discover your purposes

Today is a holiday for us that was initiated by our TPs and given to us by God. But most days we work. Work is what much of our life is made up of, and our work, what ever it happens to be, is v much connected to us understanding how to celebrate this day […]

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Living and Growing

should the state teach my son about sex?

Got a letter back from the school notifying us about upcoming sex education. No kid wants to be in a minority, so taking my child out of a sex education class at school is not an easy thing to do. It feels like swimming against the tide, even if it seems like common sense, and […]

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a grandmother’s love

Just got a call from my parents as I was getting out of the shower, and busily trying to get ready for the school run. Always keep my phone close to hand. Dad wanted to come over and just spend some time together and help water the garden, probably prompted partly by mum. And then […]

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rea and lisa eating

octopus boiled alive

Just arrived in Seoul.┬áHad a fun seafood meal last night with the London based production company who are over here filming Sean, Elisa and Reamonn on their journey towards marriage as young Unificationists. We were all a bit taken aback by the squirming octopus. This morning Reamonn and Lisa were catching some typical Seoul market […]

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family recent

looking back & going forward

I stepped down from my position as the national director for our UK Unification Movement last week, and want to say a BIG thank you to all of you from around the country that Chieko & I ┬áhave had the privilege to work together with over the last four years. It has been a v […]

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if not now then when

every promise kept nurtures your integrity

this message (Part 2 in our time management series) started out about how to over come the problem of procrastination in our life. And you can find tonnes of good tips online about how to develop the right techniques. But this is a look at something more fundamental. Here is a summary: First just to […]

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changed priorities

3 steps to strengthen your big priorities

In our first week of our time management series we looked at how to ensure your priorities feature prominently in your schedule. We used a visual aid to demonstrate how when we focus on the big priorities in our life first then the smaller things can fit around them and support. Three stepsto prevent the […]

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