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new Dads needed for the 100m sprint – reflection on the South London Summer Camp

There are a few events and programs that I have been to while being part of our movement that with hindsight I have probably decided weren’t so valuable, but one annual date in the my family’s calendar is the South London summer camp, which I have never once regretted taking part in. It distils some […]

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snow at blessing

a proud day for Unificationists

sometimes we tend to put ourselves down as a movement but when you participate in a blessing event you can only feel pride for True Parents, the movement, and our community. Just being at the resort the last few days with all the 2nd Gen couples getting ready for their big day and being at […]

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rea and lisa eating

octopus boiled alive

Just arrived in Seoul. Had a fun seafood meal last night with the London based production company who are over here filming Sean, Elisa and Reamonn on their journey towards marriage as young Unificationists. We were all a bit taken aback by the squirming octopus. This morning Reamonn and Lisa were catching some typical Seoul market […]

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family recent

looking back & going forward

I stepped down from my position as the national director for our UK Unification Movement last week, and want to say a BIG thank you to all of you from around the country that Chieko & I  have had the privilege to work together with over the last four years. It has been a v […]

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the kids

news from our 43LG community

we have just been doing a series on: understanding the human heart. I wish I had done more prep on the content as the sermons were longer than they should have been and also not really tight enough. but here are the links, if you want to take a look. and a couple of pics […]

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In Memoriam: Sarah Hanna

In Memoriam: Sarah Hanna

Our dear sister, Sarah Hanna, passed peacefully into the spiritual world at 5:00am on Tuesday, 13th April. She was twenty-five years old and had fought bravely against a rare form of cancer for almost a year. At the time of her passing in Livingstone House, her father and mother, one of her sisters and one […]

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