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visiting a gap year program called DONE

A friend of mine started a gap year program a few years ago on the main land of Europe which is called ‘development of new environments’ (DONE). It’s designed to help young adults as they come out of school to explore their faith and their sense of identity as Unificationists. They get to question a […]

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road ahead

the road ahead

In April I decided to look ahead. Making plans and acting on them has challenged me to take a closer look at my path. God gets involved in our plans and decisions when we take initiative. “But if anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for members of his household, he has denied the […]

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understanding the parable of the sheep & goats

we were looking at Matthew 25: 31-46 last Sunday: the whole point Jesus is trying to get across to the people he is talking to is that when you attend, help, and serve people in dire need you can get closer to him and to God. Why? God wants to share his compassion, actively healing […]

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the American UC steps boldly forward into the modern world

The Amercian Unification Movement is taking a bold and wise step forward in to the modern world. It has put in place organisational policies to help ensure our teaching is diligently practiced as well as preached by those of us who lead it and work with in it. (see the article below.) It also gives […]

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questions about basic Unificationism

One thing that is basic for Unificationists  is to know True Parents. Who are Rev Moon and Hak Ja Han Moon? Where do I really stand with them? How important an issue is this for me to work out. Some times people have idealised them, based on a warped understanding of perfection, for some they […]

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Fast & Furious 1

parent dilemmas: what would you have done?

  My 10yr old son got a v nice hand written invite to the ‘CINENA’ from his class mate. The boy’s parents had already bought 3 tickets for the Dad, his son, and my son. The problem was the movie was Fast & Furious Six. It’s a 12A. No proper reviews yet on common sense […]

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justin and nicky

things you might not know about Justin Welby, the Arch Bishop of Canterbury

It’s one thing reading an interview in a paper or getting a journalist’s account on ABC Welby, but it was great to watch him being interviewed live on the stage of the Royal Albert Hall by his friend and brother in faith, Nicky Gumbel. So I learnt a lot about the new head of our […]

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kenneth bae blue shirt

the chocolate revolution – change a foot in N.Korea

Recommend listening to the excellently produced report on Kate Adie’s “From our own correspondent.” It suggests the new victim of the North Korean strategic propaganda, Kenneth Bae, who is a Christian and a US citizen, will be off to a labour camp for foreigners, a bit different from the more famous ones that the report […]

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hand and key

something or someone out there is listening to what you say

I had a hope while we were living else where that when we moved back in to our home I would start a small group in our street. I would put a letter through every door and….and it was far enough off for me not to really have to do anything, and not have a […]

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grandparents on beach

a Unificationist looking towards 2020 should start with their family

As I think more about how our movement, and my local congregation, sets a course towards 2020, my first feeling is I need to start with more of a midterm perspective. We have always been so short term, I need to get in to long term planning step by step. When we have a coherent […]

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