The ripple effect

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A young lady in our congregation told me she wanted to start a fast the other day. She is waitressing at the same time most of the days in a restaurant and commuting in this icy weather. Since she has started I have been staying in touch by phone. So far she has been doing well. I noticed that through the communication I has been uplifted and inspired to think for myself much more about all the challenges and blessings of making spiritual conditions such as fasting; the self discipline, the greater sense of awareness, and the strengthening of the spirit and soul.

I sent her a txt this morning wishing her a good day. I let her know how what she is doing for her own life is having a ripple effect on those who are around her. She messaged me back saying how she had noticed the same dynamic when she saw her brother fasting some time back.

It’s a good point for us to remember as members of society or in the context of being part of a spiritual community. When we help our selves and draw closer to God or follow our conscience, we open up a path for others too.

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