Sleepy kids are clever

Amy just came up to our bedroom in the attic, thudding up the stairs with great determination. And got into our bed. I was thinking let one of us go back down with you and help you go back to sleep. I want to conserve the space in our bed.

she wasn’t keen. I asked her if she had a scary dream. Nod. And I thought to myself, I’m giving this to her. So I told her as much. So I said, okay was it a scary dog, or a dinasaur? (This way she can’t just nod, clever huh?)

Amy: ‘a scary dinosaur’

I’m still kind of  helping her win her place in the bed…. 🙁

me: ‘what colour was it?’

amy: ‘red’

Chieko: ‘just let her sleep daddy’

i think I’ve lost this one.

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