Christmas eve thoughts & conversations

driving back from dinner with the rest of the family in Wimbledon, & being half German we had opened our presents this evening, we were discussing going to our local church tomorrow morning, and how that meant not going to bed super late.

The boys came up with some interesting arguments.

“Didn’t we read in the bible how Jesus said we should worship God privately behind closed doors because God sees what we do when we do it quietly.?”

“Well”, I said “he was speaking about how some people prayed, might not be quite in context, and anyhow it’s his church we are going to.”

Quick fire reponse: “it’s not his church, it was started by Henry XIII, and he was a bit….” (our closest church is Anglican, so I am glad the boys had at least noticed that fact, and new some history…)

Then another came back with: “I like it when we do church at home, it’s much more personal….”

Anyway, in the end they were good to go, and I think they enjoyed the debate.

Later on when we interrupted their FIFA 14 match to say a good night prayer, we prayed.

I said to God how thankful we are for all the presents. But at the same time we know that there are millions of people in and on the edge of Syria in refugee camps, with no homes left, no livelihoods, with family members maimed and killed in the fighting. And that raises so many questions about our lovely life in West London. How do we reconcile our comfort with their suffering?

The kids were actually quiet and still for those 120 seconds of prayer.

But once we had finished, there was a question about whether I could lend someone some money for something they probably wanted to buy, and some other material request from another, the details of which escape me right now.

it’s a challenge for adults to keep their minds on the difficult things,  let alone for children.

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