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changed prioritiesIn April I decided to look ahead. Making plans and acting on them has challenged me to take a closer look at my path. God gets involved in our plans and decisions when we take initiative.

“But if anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for members of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.” 1Timothy 5:8

April 2013: Looking towards 2020 with my family (notes):

(last edited Oct 25th 2013)

Hard for me to think that far ahead, so I need to start with a 3 year plan, and I need some time to plan.

I give myself 3 months to work on a 3 year plan. (April, May, June)

Where do I see my family in 3 years?

  • I will be 44, Chieko 46, Damon 15, Len 14, Mark 11, Eddie 10, and Amy 6. Dad 79, Mum, 73…..

(what are the implications of these changes in age ….school, health, finances, responsibilities, etc….and how will they effect our family dynamic?)

Where do we want to be in our relationships, our faith, and our mission as a family?

  • We want to be consistently developing our culture as a family. We want to share a common language and vocabulary through which we are able to communicate with one another about our mission.
  • As a family we will have a deep sense of where we are hoping to reach in our lives together. We will feel we are working towards a shared destination that we have discussed.
  • We have found practical ways in which we can be conscious of our core beliefs, and have looked at how to strengthen our values.
  • We understand the difference between notional values and the ones we practice in our daily life.
  • We have listened to each other’s hopes and dreams and seen how to incorporate all of those things into our common family vision…..etc

Set up a consistent prayer life around this 7 year course.

Start by preparing one lesson a week for family study.

Keep a tribal messiah mission diary.

Finances & Work:

  • 2 full days a week at CLAIMS Ltd in Wimbledon:
  1. help them build a successful website
  2. help to develop an increase in online business
  3. come off benefits & develop a consistent and strong income

Build in review dates for my 3 year plan. (put aside 2/3hrs some where quite and undisturbed, to reflect, evaluate, and update the 3 year plan.)

– first review date:  18th November 2013


Looking towards 2020 with the 43LG congregation:

What will our congregation look like in 3 years time?

  • Full of people who are developing their calling from God, experiencing responsibility in their community and neighbourhood, able to share their spirituality, & their blessings with others.


By end of 2013:

  1. 10 Lay pastors emerge through the home service project, who:


  • care and pastor for a minimum 10 people/couples/families
  • hold a home service regularly each month
  • are been given ongoing training
  • they experience being supported


I am going to work as a part time pastor over these 3 years.

Develop church council to be an effective team of volunteers who develop the cutlture and vision for our community.

Need to find a chair for the council. I cannot manage it, too much work.

Learn to prioritise and reduce excessive commitments and unrealistic expectations that burden me and others.

Get authentically involved with successful Churches and learn how they are using God’s principles to grow and serve.


                        Supporting home service hosts:

What I am aiming for:

A group of about 10 people by the end of the year who can feel a pastoral responsibility towards about 10 other people/couples/families.

What are the themes people need to explore more?

Prayer, true parents, the holy spirit,




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