parent dilemmas: what would you have done?

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My 10yr old son got a v nice hand written invite to the ‘CINENA’ from his class mate. The boy’s parents had already bought 3 tickets for the Dad, his son, and my son.

The problem was the movie was Fast & Furious Six. It’s a 12A. No proper reviews yet on common sense media as the movie hasn’t been released yet. Nevertheless, Chieko and I watched the trailer and read how there is a fair bit of what is called ‘moderate bad language’.

The movie starts off with a 5 sec scene where one of the main characters is in bed with his girl friend. Ok, most of  the rest of the film is all just people in cars doing stupid things that aren’t humanly possible, but still wasn’t so keen.Fast & Furious 1




A long debate and conversation ensues over breakfast with the interested parties. Usual points made by me:

  • the point of me being a parent is not to just do what other parents do, but to take personal  responsibility for decisions relating to my children
  • if you think the policy in other families is better re games and media then ask your self if you would rather be in one of those other families.
  • It’s not just church families that discern what their children can watch and play….
  • etc. (you can work out the other side of the argument from my responses.)

Anyhow, conclusion was that I decided to have a chat with Len’s friend (whose parents incidentally I have never met or been introduced to) in the play ground. Len was happy about this, and in the end the boy arrived with his mum. I tried to explain to her, and she said to call her husband as his English is better. They’re Polish.

I had wanted to suggest a different film, but since it was confirmed that they had bought the tickets I decided I would just invite myself along.

I spoke to the boys Dad. I am not sure he understood my concerns, but he seemed okay about me coming along.

I just felt it would be a shame to turn the family down when they had decided to invite Len out of all the other boys in the class. If I go along I can watch the movie with him, see it for myself and then always talk about any aspects that I think are concerning and have a conversation about it with him. More important to connect to the families of my children’s friends than stop him from going to see a 12A.

So just booked my ticket to join them tomorrow night for Fast & Furious 6. My only worry now is that I end up enjoying it…. 😉

What would you have down as a parent of a 10yr old who is 11 next month?

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