the chocolate revolution – change a foot in N.Korea

kenneth bae blue shirtRecommend listening to the excellently produced report on Kate Adie’s “From our own correspondent.” It suggests the new victim of the North Korean strategic propaganda, Kenneth Bae, who is a Christian and a US citizen, will be off to a labour camp for foreigners, a bit different from the more famous ones that the report says people often found themselves worked or starved to death in. There are estimated up to 200k people in gulags around N. Korea.

Rev Moon gives a powerful account of surviving his time in a North Korean camp before the Korean War broke out. Happy to here this american will not be in one of those, but it does look like he will become a pawn.

The report highlights a burgeoning black market economy which is becoming the real economy, and reveals a shift in attitudes and potentially a shift in power. One of the big black market products is choco pies, something that you will have probably experienced if you have ever been to South Korea.

I would also recommend listening to the particularly graphic and hellish report on drug addicts in Kabul, on the same link.

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