don’t just change the name!


>>>Name changes:

changed prioritiesRecently we changed our name of our movement internationally, again. We changed it back to FFWPU. Was this just a change of the name on the tin or was it also meant to be a change of what’s on the inside? If it is going to change on the inside, well how?

I spoke about this and other matters last Sunday. The reading was a harsh review by God of his people’s worship, and how he longed for them to be people who had ethics and a sense of justice rather than just looking for blessings through their religion.

and we asked ourselves: how would he speak to us today? (that was not a loaded question, just one for us all to reflect on personally.)


We also explored our attitudes to adoption and fostering in our movement….


Isaiah 1:13 – 15

Stop bringing meaningless offerings!

Your incense is detestable to me.

New Moons, Sabbaths and convocations –

I cannot bear your evil assemblies.

Your New Moon feasts and your appointed festivals

I hate with all my being.

They have become a burden to me;

I am weary of bearing them.

When you spread out your hands in prayer,

I will hide my eyes from you;

Even if you offer many prayers,

I am not listening.

Your hands are full of blood!



>>>Let me present a scenario to you: HELP MY CHILD!


my son leaves for school, on his scooter, and he happens to be going on his own, the pavement and the road are icy, and as he crosses the road he skids on the ice, he tries to break his fall with his arm and he gets one of those red stinging grazes. His knee smashes into the curb and gets a big gash, and you drive passed in your car. You pull over, you pick him up, put him in the back seat of your car, you put his scooter in the boot, and you drive him home, you knock on my door. You tell me what happened, and go on your way.

You have just become my hero, I want to be your friend. I have become your number one fan.

When my child needed help you were there. You met his need, you brought him back to me, to a safe place.


God is less interested in how much we keep up with church memos, he is more interested in how much we serve and love his children.

When we look at this nation, and we see a massive number of children in care, 4000 waiting for adoption, children who need homes and fostering…does God cry for the children with out parents more than for our own children and teenagers?

We have never encouraged adoption outside of our community or fostering as a movement. In fact in some cases I have heard that there are signs that is has been discouraged.

I believe that the thinking could have gone like this: each family needs to establish their own lineage, and adopting a child from just anywhere would not help in that sense. To foster or adopt a child who has been abandoned is a big job, it will take up all my time and energy, and we have God’s providence and witnessing to focus on, another church memo to adhere to, and another direction to respond to.

But can’t that mind understand that if we were to do something like adopt a child or get involved in fostering, that our whole life would be a witness.

Isn’t that anyway what True Parents were for the membership of our church. Didn’t they give their life to our membership, to this world, seeing a broken and fallen, messed up humanity, and give their every day to us, regardless of the cost? They raised us and married us, and blessed our lives.

If we are now again the FFWPU, what is it we do for families? How do we nurture families in our community, especially those where the need is great, and how do our families serve other less fortunate families?

If we care about worship… worship by caring. Check out the link here on Krish Kandiah’s site where he talks about how fostering and adoption could be a calling for many Christians to use their home for good:

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  1. MAKOKHA JAFFARI April 16, 2013 at 9:14 am #

    Good afternoon Pastor,

    This is a powerful message from the broken Shimjung of Our Heavenly Parent.I hope we(brothers and sisters) will take it seriously

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