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Just wanted to let people know that from Thursday 7th – Sunday 10th the leadership of the UK Unification Movement will be having a residential meeting out in Cleeve House, Seend, Wiltshire.

We are currently trying to thrash out what format our meeting should take and what matters we should be tackling, how we can zoom in on certain core issues, such as education, pastoring, outreach, etc, and all get on the same page in terms of what our vision is and how we go about achieving it. We want to get down to some specifics.

Our international movement is calling us to look ahead to 2020, and we want to respond with a vision for the next 7 years that will allow our UK movement to be a relevant force for good in our society.

It is also of course a chance for us to bond and build a deeper unity amongst all of us. There will be pastors, youth reps, dept. leaders, finance committee members, etc.

It would be good as we prepare to know what is the ground swell of opinion in our grass roots. What are the issues that are on your heart and mind as a member of the Unification Movement? What do you believe, we, as your representatives, and your pastors, should be concentrating our efforts on?

It is right and proper for you to make your voice heard, because we are all in this together, and we need to know what are  your hopes and your concerns.

Maybe you are not a member, but you know us, or you observe us? What, from your vantage point, would be your advice  to us as we huddle together around the big open fire place in our country house in Seend, and consider our future, and our mission?

No answers on a postcard, but DO leave your thoughts, your wisdom, your voice, in the comments section below.

Many thanks, in advance.

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    George Macdonald March 3, 2013 at 6:05 pm #

    On reading, As A Peace Loving Global Citizen, on page 317 Father talks about growing Jerusalem artichokes to help solve the problem of hunger.
    On further study I find this idea to be of pure genius because Jerusalem artichokes seem to be able to grow anywhere and they are very fast in growing, give an extremely high crop yeild and are almost indistuctable.

    I was wondering if the IRFF would consider to start a project where we could grow them say at Stanton Fitzwarren for example and send the tubers to the hungry people in the world so that they could grow and harvest them in their own lands.

    Please see attached for more information


    quote: Rev Moon

    We are all responsible for the people around the world who die of hunger. We need to take action to help them. We need to feel a clear sense of responsibility and find a way that they can be fes and saved.

    The beauty of Jerusalem artichokes is once you’ve got them, you can’t get rid off them.

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    Peter Stephenson March 5, 2013 at 4:16 pm #

    I would say that the problem of us not taking ourselves seriously as a church/spiritual movement has not yet been addressed but sorely needs to be.
    We have always been a ‘messiah promotion organization’ that masquerades as a church in order to convince other religious people that Father is the Messiah and this has resulted in insincerity.
    We need to be brave enough to be honest about this and recognise that we have neglected ourselves and each other in subservience to the ‘greater goal’. The problem with this is that it doesn’t recognise that although we should be of such a high standard the reality is that 99% of us are not, so enforcing this style on ourselves leads to the death of inspiration (as clearly evidenced over the last thirty years in the absence of growth and indeed actual dramatic decline; not to mention an abysmal Tithe rate).
    Where we have had the option of taking care of each other or instead diverting the emotional/financial/time resources to the ‘greater’ need of the world Providence we have always sacrificed (in fact neglected) the former for the latter. Although this looks noble on paper it is in fact unprincipled as it leads to the decline of the very people who can help God’s providence.
    The above is a general description of the problem but we all know the specifics. They are many and cover just about every aspect of our community.
    I believe that you can discuss practical goals and things that need to be introduced, changed or improved in the leaders meetings but also it’s necessary to take a hard look at the internal condition of our community. At present this is not even on the radar of leadership as anyone who may bring it up will likely be branded as a trouble maker. For example, to suggest that members stop constantly flying off to Korea to show ‘support’ every time there is a world level, providential event and instead, if desired, focus those financial and time resources on acquiring a church building (as North London sorely needs) or investing in their community or, dare I say it, pay their Pastor a living salary, rather than subsisting – would be an example of bringing the spiritual needs/priorities into a more principled balance.
    This attitude suffocates the spiritual development of a community. How long do we have to go with no membership growth and the haemorrhaging of the second gen before we take a serious look at the internal attitude and movement policy. Doing the same thing only more extreme is not the answer, that is the conclusion of the closed minded.
    Please take some time to talk about this issue. I believe our community is ripe for a faith explosion both in the first and second gen and the Holy Spirit is just waiting to be invited in and is eager to set fire to us all.

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