an act of devotion can change us in a moment

at around 11pm last night, settling in to offer my current daily routine of bowing before God 120 times I had a change of heart. I went from feeling daunted to being pleased.

It can sometimes be a physically exhausting exercise at that time of the evening, and feel like the last thing I want to actually do as the day is coming to an end, leaving me with a sense of regret…why didn’t i ‘get this done in the morning first thing?’….

But for some reason it crossed my mind that there is so much I am grateful for in my life at the moment, and that here was a chance to say thank you to God. I know that the blessings I have come from him. So this daunting act became a a joyful one because it became a chance to say thank you rather than something that felt like just a duty. I could enjoy the knowledge that because of God and True Parents my life has been blessed with so many good things. It became a vehicle for my gratitude, rather than my worry.

There are many things that we are fearful of and worried about; things we feel obligated to do, pressured to do. An act of devotion, an offering made to God can turn one’s heart and mind around 180 degrees in a moment. We can go from facing fear, to being full of gratitude. And the useful thing to remember for me is that a spirit of gratitude will fill my mind and body with strength, while worry and fear will drain me of life.

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