the grass is always greener on the other side

Here are Mark & Eddie arriving at Incheon last week straight off the plane from Heathrow. I was so looking forward to seeing them and missed my family, end of story:

unaccompanied minors arrive

But, travelling alone abroad with two small children has not always been a walk in the park. Just occasionally did my temper get a bit short. In fact it did become more and more occasional I am pleased to say. Being together with my two sons for 24 hours a day, so far 5 days, has been good for all 3 of us. And it really has been 24hrs a day. Even, when they go to sleep I stay with them in Cheon Pyeong, incase they wake up or just basically incase. So they literally have not been out of myself. There were moments when I wondered how I could have found it so hard last week travelling alone, before they arrived. But, I guess that is just a case of the grass always seeming greener…

And in the end we all need to learn to be grateful for the moments that we are actually living in, rather than supposed better ones.

So I got good at all the stuff their mum, Chieko, does and maybe some stuff that she has learnt not to worry about or not stress over, I also learnt to rise above to a higher realm. I even did some washing of clothes.

They really enjoyed being around Cheon Pyeong lake and the holy water or water of life etc. They did well in the clapping sessions and when they got too sleepy slept on my legs and knees. They prayed, and proudly told me they prayed until the man at the front said Amen or Aju. (they’ve got an ‘Aju’ clothing range in CP now; funny seeing it on people’s, now holy, socks.)

at the top of the hill


finding stuff to do between lunch and dinner


the slide with a 1000 different games to play

It was also good for them as the two younger boys being without their elder brothers, and not feeling like they need to try and be 10 and 11years old all the time.

Kumon time


and daily agreed upon, ice cream time

Hoon Oh really took care of us, when we arrived in Seoul today. (he used to live with us in London when I was doing youth work and we had a  full time team.) He took us for lunch, and when the youth hostel was full up, got us a room (due to a call to a well known travel agent), at the Lotte City hotel at fractionally more than the hostel price, drove us there, etc…

Eddie having lunch with Hoon Oh from the Tongil group human resource dept.

a room with a view, at the Lotte city hotel near Mapo

Tonight I have been just dealing with the kids wanting to explore thoroughly the hotel. Making sure only one of them at a time is on the treadmill in the gym, so I can prevent any serious accidents. (Eddie already fell down 3 or 4 steps of an escalator with his suitcase this morning.) Bath, 3 bed time stories, and I thought I would have some free time. But Mark didn’t crash till 10.35pm…

This will be a week that the 3 of us will never forget. Memories like this are priceless.


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  1. Shirley Kanno April 2, 2012 at 2:56 pm #

    Great stories, back them up with photos and they will truly not forget!! Thanks for sharing!! HAVE FUN!!

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