how far ahead can you see? …sermon thoughts

 …sermon thoughts on part 3 of our time management series. 

Planning is an important aspect of managing your time. It helps to break down your time into smaller blocks whether it is hours in a day or months in the year.

When you are trying to reach a destination breaking your journey into manageable chunks makes something that feels far away more reachable.

Planning gives you the opportunity to be strategic in the long term and tactical in the short term.

There are many different ways of planning, as there are many different people. And I guess we each have our own methods. But why not see if there are some principles to planning that can be relevant to all of us.

Rev Moon sat as a refugee in a cardboard mud hut in Pusan, in a war torn nation, and he spoke about sending missionaries out to the world, and making Korea into a nation that would hold its own amongst the more established nations of the West. His disciples looked at him cautiously.

Rev Moon’s life has been an incredible journey. He has explored an undiscovered world. He has dared to reach for visions that seemed impossible and crazy, but which he has demonstrated could be turned into reality. As he puts it, he opened a highway that everyone can now walk down.

So it is not wrong to dream. But…

Did he just have conviction & passion for his calling or did he have a plan? He was organised. He made a timetable (again and again), that he was able to inspire others to be part of, and contribute to.

SO in our Unification Movement, on one side there is this amazing example of having a vision and making it a reality, but on the other side I have often felt like we have lurched from one event to another.

It has seemed from where I am standing that the BIG plan, in the now world-wide movement, has not been broken down into a strategic one which fits for my family or local community. Well that could turn into a long conversation…

You know why the Big plan doesn’t seem to fit? Simple: No one can make our plans for us. Our plans are our job.

If you are waiting for the perfect plan to float down, you might as well turn on the TV, get out the console, and kick back, cuz it’s going to be long.

But if you are willing to start making plans, yourself…

What are the dreams that you have? The destinations that you are journeying to in your life? Hopes you have for your family, for solving a problem in our society, for building your career? A certain calling you feel from God?

Each of those hopes and dreams will need a plan of action if they are to be answered and fulfilled.

All planning is thinking forward in time. What varies is how far ahead your plans stretch and how precise they are.

Join us this Sunday and take a look at planning your life.

“For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the LORD, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’”
Jeremiah 29:11

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