finding the right recipes for our church community…

…and getting those magic ingredients!

So how about the food? Is it an important part of our Sunday experience at 43LG?

At 43LG we are continuing to look for ways to make it easier for people to connect. So for example. developing the culture through our music has been an important part of our focus. But another thing people do when they come to church is eat while they share fellowship with one another. We want that sharing and being with friends time to be memorable.

Reiko Hayashi is developing her team of cooks and working with my wife, Chieko, to develop a menu that can give people that extra bit of inspiration when they come to worship at the start of the week.

She was over at our house last night, coming straight from work despite the arctic weather front.

It is always inspiring to see people getting serious about the details, researching, planning properly, considering all the implications, and how to do things better, and above all: being creative.

They came up with a menu of about 10 different meal options and discussed baking for the cafe too.

Here is chocolate thing they were sampling for the cafe:

something for the cafe...


At the end of it all, when I came down stairs from bed time stories, Reiko was going to head home across London at 9.40pm on public transport. We had to offer a lift in the car twice or three times before she accepted it. It was freezing outside! But, it’s that kind of spirit our unification movement was built on: people putting themselves out because they carry a vision in their heart for something better.


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