do you understand the text?

another experiment: this time with SMALL groups. below is some of the feedback/data we gathered from people who got involved.

The material the groups used, click here to download:

A knife not sharpened grows dull (taken from Rev Moon’s autobiography)


a knife not sharpened grows dull

We had 20+ people from our 43LG community meet Sunday evening in different cafes around West London.

Many people take a bit of time to read scripture or Rev Moon’s messages in our Unification Movement, but how much of an impact that has on our lives probably depends very much on how well we study, the environment in which we read and the context we create.

We were looking to see how combining study with preparation, fellowship, and social interaction outside of our church building, in a public place, might offer us something more, and something new.

Teresa’s group:

“Drinking either a chilled, refreshing frap or a warm, blended coffee and eating our muffins, our small group gathered in Starbucks to have our discussion. It was so refreshing to be able to spend a sunday not only doing the usual church service gathering but spending some time in a fresh place, to share intimately. After reading the passage, our group discussed and shared our personal perspectives on True father and his heart. We discussed the position of a selfless leader and what it means to give unselfishly. Our discussion lasted a whole 2 hours and half but it felt like 10 minutes! firery debates and heartfelt experiences shared, its definitely something we would all like to try again. The cosy, intimate atmosphere allowed us to read the content in depth and study in a way that normally would be hard to achieve in larger numbers or conversely on one’s own. It was great!”

At Starbucks in Paddington


Comments from my group:

  • Sometimes when I am on my own it feels like a duty and it is easy to get distracted, but in a group I can focus, think better, and get more insights.
  • group discussion helps to develop the character differently from when studying alone, learning to speak to a group and expressing myself.
  • Focusing in on a guided and prepared text means that if I ever read this passage in the book again I will tap into this memory and get so much more out of it.
  • The fact that we have broken it down, deconstructed it, means that we can suck all the goodness out of the text.
  • It helps to hear other people’s viewpoint and understanding of the text. On my own I would have missed so much of what we collectively managed to gather.
  • As I went through my Monday schedule I found myself often connecting to the learning I encountered on Sunday evening in a way I had not experienced before.

a new environment, a new experience


Sung Jong's group


Masakazu's group




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    Matthew Huish July 14, 2011 at 4:40 pm #

    Small groups for the win! Based on the guidance of Rev David Hanna, in Bromley we’re trying to adopt the term “home study group” – it’s more self-descriptive. A couple of small groups have started recently, and there are plans for a few more to begin in the near future. I hope the 43LG community can also establish some consistent, intimate, life-transforming groups!

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