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there is something powerful about God’s word, but we have to come to it in the right way and in the right environment.

That is what the parable of the sower is all about. Recently in our congregation we had a little experiment with studying early in the morning. We were having a series of messages on being a disciple. One of the things you need to do is be where your teacher is, and one of the central lifestyle habits of True Parents is to study God’s word and to do it religiously from 5am.

So partly for that reason we thought it would be a great way to be with our teacher for a week and experience what Rev Moon experiences, getting up early, and concentrating the mind, heart, and body.

The reason why we called it an experiment (and not a ‘condition’) is because some of us believe that surely everyone who is a ‘member’ must be doing the early morning study. But the reality is we know that many don’t get up early and many don’t study often or in a regular fashion.

Well, how did the experiment go?

A lot of people joined in and sent in reports and testimonies by email. Here are some of the results fresh off the gmail inbox:

from a husband and a father:

“Dear Simon,

Sorry this is late for feedback. We have a lot to thank you for. My wife and I did the 5 a.m experiment of 30 minutes together.

Prior to this, we never did study together, but both did our own thing, at different times. It was an unspoken taboo, which we never communicated about. Even the boys, I think, do their own thing.

Thanks to our experiment, my wife and I have benefited, and we also go out for a walk every evening which started at the same time as the HDH study. I think that our family, although pro-Church, has been divided. I’m hoping that the boys might join us even for a meal occasionally. As the boys grew up I kind of left them to their own devices (whereas when they were younger, I did quite a lot with them), but in retrospect, i think I should have pushed for more togetherness over the past couple of years.

Another experiment I would like to see is something like a no screens week, or at least a week when members restrict their usage of computers, laptops, mobiles etc… say to 1 hour daily. Maybe then, we might be more inclined to seek out actual real human company, instead of a machine.

Anyway, thanks again for breaking the silence between my wife and myself. She has got a really great nature, and has been talking a lot over the past year of doing more in the way of witnessing and work outside of the family.

Best wishes,”

from a wife and a busy mother

“Hi Simon, regarding the experiment, this is my experience

It takes a great deal of effort and preparation to be up and ready at 5+ I have to be lucky not to be needed by anyone desperately; so once I’ve made it and got it going it feels very foolish having to stop at 5:30.I wanted to keep going and make a break-through but I felt very unstable and even more isolated from the rest of my family and more challanged to coop with the rest of my day. Much to learn, much to improve, still in a pioneering stage! That was my experience of the first week so I wasn’t joining the second week but it doesn’t mean I’m giving up on Hoon Dok Hae. Thanks for wanting to know. See you tomorrow,”

a students realisations: exploring the dynamic of how God enters into our love:

“…hope you and your family are well. I just wanted to report you my thoughts and feelings from morning HDH study challenge.

I’m reading a Japanese HDH book now and I’m so amazed how True Father understands God. It’s really like the next stage of human understanding of God. I’m reading the bible too and I notice that the way TF explains heavenly father with the concept of true love which is not really explicit in bible I believe is very deep and it really captures the source of universe, religion, family etc. It’s just overwhelming how deep his thoughts are and I have been amazed each time I read.

I am maybe being a bit vague for what I say, but it’s just everywhere what he says so it’s difficult to specify…. but for example, TF says God enters into love, not love enter into God which shows that God can be subject to true love that we are supposed to be creating. I think it’s an amazing understanding of God and its really true.

This is what I have obtained so far through the challenge, I’ll report you again when I strongly feel something.

I wish you and your family a good day.

Take care and see you soon.”

an awakening:

with God's word the pieces can start to fall into place

“It was really challenging to wake up but was really good. What I read was from Father’s speech in the USA 2005. Just to share

He said what we should fear most is not the judgment that will come in the last days but whether we are living each moment of our daily life in oneness with God’s will.

Thanks for the challenge, it is an awakening for me. Have a wonderful week.”

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