A big BIG thankyou

I hope you are well.

I posted this ‘thank you’ to everyone back in May on my blog, but wanted to put it in here for those who haven’t seen it yet.

I want to say a very big BIG thank you to all the staff from our movement and all the volunteers from our different communities who have diligently worked together with a clear sense of purpose preparing for our True Parents’ visit. They did an amazing job. So many people gave their time, their skills, talents, and resources, their cars, their voices, their passion…

Last time we did something like this when True Parents were here in 2005 we held an event for around 750 in central London. This time we were well over 1300 and with another 1000 plus watching on line. Since the event another 750 have gone online to watch.

One newspaper asked the question in their headline on the day of True Parents’ departure: “Are the Moonies ready to shine brightly again?”

Yes, absolutely.

Thank you for inviting your friends, family, neighbours, and guests. It was so uplifting to see new people and new members meeting True Parents for the first time both at the evening event and also the early morning study time (hdh) event.

That newspaper headline is really there to pose a question to all of us. We are the ones to answer it anyhow. Father started the visit with a question too. The first words he shared with us when he sat down in his hotel room straight in from Luton airport were: “Is everyone distributing 430 copies of my autobiography?”

There is a lot more I would like to share. And I was moved so many times by so many different moments. But for now I will leave you with a clip from the airport as they waited to take off for the next stop in Geneva. It was nice just to sit and watch them just being completely them selves, as they always are:

And then we had a  picture taken that Yeon Ah Nim tweeted to me. The light wasn’t so good for the picture, but it was a special personal moment.

Father’s last words before he got onto the plane were please educate 30,000 people in the next two years. So, that’s the next project to work on. And if you remember the vision statement I wrote about at the start of the year, we thought about some even bigger goals:

plotting our spiritual course towards 2020

From the 14th – 16th July we will be having a residential meeting for all our community leaders. We are already planning the content, consulting with them, and looking at how we can look ahead to the rest of this year and beyond to develop a project that can allow as many of us as possible to be able to connect in to a big vision and participate in a broad and successful unification movement.

Lastly, we are still collecting donations to cover the cost of True Parents’ visit to the UK. If you have not been able to make one yet or would like to make an extra donation, please pass it on to your local church or contact us in HQs. We still have about £17,000 to raise. Simon Rosselli sent out a detailed account of the donations and the expenses to date that you should also have had passed on to you through your local church community.


i think this was for all of us


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    Matthew Huish May 15, 2011 at 9:26 pm #

    I think that short video clip is the highlight of the last week for me – thanks for sharing that lovely moment with us

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