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2010 in  43LG congregation we focused on making Sunday morning easier, more attractive to be at, and because that worked we extended it to Sunday evening in Sept. 2010.

But for 2011, though we want to keep on developing what happens on Sundays, we are placing an emphasis on the other 6 days of the week. Our focus is to develop a home church culture – helping people to get involved positively in the environment where they live & work

So we have started creating tools: Here is our community graffiti wall. There is a vision statement at the top (and that is a work in progress too). And then a space for anyone and everyone to write down what happened in their week. Something they feel contributes to the vision, something they can offer up to God, to their community, words of inspiration drawn from their actions and daily life experiences:

First point –  to write up a vision statement with out engaging people in the process has little value – this little project serves a number of different functions that emerged as we launched it:

1. many people are not sure about what is okay to express, or what has value in the context of their faith community. This wall of self expression creates a conversation by logging what we get up to in the week.

2. It has the potential to be a barometer – of how engaged we are as a congregation in the part of London where we live, and how willing we are to communicate with each other about our lives. If the wall gets filled up quickly then we are building momentum…

3. The vision takes on a life of its own through the hand written messages from our community members. It creates an opportunity for people to articulate in their own words, through their own actions, the practical application of a community vision.

Here are examples of people sharing their lives, experiences and thoughts, in our 43LG community…. as you come in the main entrance. I hope these people can inspire you this week to use your circumstances to create a little bit of heaven where ever you happen to be, who ever you may be with: (click on the images to enlarge)

say a prayer for someone this week

being a big sister

make a difference at school this week

reach out door to door this week

give a helping hand this week

comfort the afflicted this week

get knitting with friends this week

help your family this week

have a party for someone this week

be patriotic this week

study the scriptures this week

be humorous this week

Vision Statement

In 2020, the one God of true love is present in our nation, in our families and in our relationships. (A tipping point of) 128,000 Unification Movement families acknowledge God’s active presence in their lives and pledge their love for God, Nation and Family. They care for others in their community, workplace, and family. They bring joy to God through their dedication in their work and recreation.

Mission Statement

We teach people how to discover their divinity and purpose and how to live an abundant life; reaching out in loving service.

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  1. Nicholas January 29, 2011 at 8:54 am #

    This is great! I even want to visit LG now simply to look at your wall x)

  2. Rosemarie Leja January 29, 2011 at 9:36 am #

    What a beautiful idea !!!

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