the Honda gets murked by the Merc, & other good stories…

Got back from LG to pick up the family before church this morning…just after having got off the phone from someone saying how it’s better to be safe than sorry on days like this…and 200m from my house me and a Mercedez Benz Estate slid straight into each other. head on collision. My Honda Stream got murked by the Merc. He had a bit of a bump, but my radiator was completely wiped and the white snow on the road was turning green.

Anyhow, we had an amicable exchange of details on our iPhones. And both got pictures of the damage – useful phones. Turns out he was also picking up his wife for church too. Just moved in down the road, so got to know a new neighbour which was nice.

He said where he works in Helsinki they all have winter tyres from September and so they don’t lose traction when going 5 mph on snow.

Anyhow, Hayashi San v kindly zoomed of, …carefully, from LG and came to pick the whole family up to get us to church on time.

We had our Carol Service, and despite the weather so many people made the journey in, which felt important to me. William gave a thought provoking Christmas message about how the Jewish people never rejected Jesus, and how way more of them connected to his ministry than have Korean Christians connected to Rev Moon’s. And how we should always look more deeply into the reality of circumstances before making quick judgements…take a look, after the commercial go to about 15mins in for a nice Christmas song, or jump to about 20mins for the main message (the sound gets better at 23mins in):

After we had a group of us wrap Christmas presents for the children at the IRFF School of Destiny in Uganda. It was important for us as a community to do something collectively for others who have less than we do. The difference between doing that and not doing that is big for me. It puts all our Sunday worship on a surer footing…words and deeds.

Uganda Destiny school

the wrapping expert

young & old working together

who said Santa was white?

the IRFF man Ashley Crosswaithe came to pick up the presents

Ashley wasn’t sure how to get so many bags of presents home…and then David Thomas arrived like magic in his volvo 🙂

Have a special Christmas everyone. Make it one to remember. Go that extra mile for someone, and make it special for someone else too.

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