a grandfather’s love

My Dad and my eldest son

Damon was 10 a couple of weeks ago and my father wrote some verse as he does for all the family members when their birthday comes along.

I told him he is getting better with age as some people do, and when he winds up his business he could always approach Hallmark for a contract.


Damon is nearly five feet tall. It says so on our kitchen wall. He’s ceased to be a midget.
Like his Mum and his Dad, Grandma and Grand-dad his age is now DOUBLE DIGIT!

Quite apart from the numbers We all know that everything’s going right.
He’s growing inside to a wonderful height. He’s generous, loving, terribly bright
He can draw a fine monster on request. And with very young children he’s at his best.
When Uncle Ben watched him playing with Maya he loved it so much he said “Is he for hire?”
I’ll pay him to come and look after her. He acted a cat and she started to purr!”

Give him a book and in half a minute he’ll be absorbed and totally in it.
The fictional world will close around. He’ll sit on his own without a sound
Far away from you or me, his Mum or his Dad or his brothers three
In a strange adventure in a wild new world
With dinosaurs, gangsters, or a leopard curled
And ready to leap and tear him apart – unless he uses that magic dart.

I don’t know the stories or even the writers. Or the twists and turns, the losers, the fighters
But I’m sure they feed his imagination as he reads with such wonderful concentration.
One day they may lead to Damon creation.
Can you see the headline? Quickly look
“A tenyearold boy has written a book”.

Anyway Damon you’re TEN today
Enjoy the rest of your eleventh birthday
Your twelth one is only three-hundred-and-sixtyfive days away.
Happy Year!
Happy Week!

From Grandpa

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  1. Shirley Kanno November 21, 2010 at 4:35 pm #

    how wonderful to put such fine words together and bring forth such a deep love. Thank you for sharing!

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