Ghanian Iman raised by Methodists sings the Lord’s Prayer

It’s been a couple of years since I have been to the Muslim College in Ealing for their annual interfaith Iftar meal.

I realised when I got there I had strayed too long. But, somehow what’s happened to my faith over the last 2 years has put me in a stronger position to be a part of an interfaith experience. I felt like I was there to learn rather than just network.

And then especially after hearing Rev Hyung Jin Moon, talking about the power of Muslim prayer, and also of how the Lord’s prayer is a template for our prayer life, this next bit was just perfect:

It was a night of spiritual nourishment and fellowship, and the high light for me was when a Ghanian Imam sung the Lord’s prayer:

His name is Sheikh Ahmed Tijani Ben Omar, and he said he would like to come and sing for us at our 43LG church interfaith worship on the 19th September at 6.30pm. Everyone’s welcome to come and listen….
About the food: I could have kicked myself for stopping home on the way and having dinner. I had forgotten what a good spread they put on at the college in Ealing. I could only sample the food due to a full stomach. Will fast like the Muslim’s on that day next year.

This was just the fruit bowl:

serious fruit

Big thanks to Shah and Mamadu for inviting me. They are really genuinely, religious and spiritual people down there in Ealing.

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    Matthew Huish September 8, 2010 at 10:11 am #

    assuming i’m not abroad this time next year, i’ll be there with you!

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