the beautiful North

Earlier this summer I got to meet up with a group of friends who I went to University in Newcastle with in our old stomping grounds around the Big market, and around the Quay Side along the Tyne. It is always good to stay in touch with old friends, it brings a stronger narrative to one’s life. It was around that under grad time in 93/94 that I heard the Divine Principle.

One of my friends brought some old VHS tapes of our football team so we went down to Cash generators and bought an old TV VHS combo to reminisce and remember why we never won the league:

I also took the chance to share a Sunday morning with our community in Newcastle. It is always a blessing to be with them. Here are a few pictures of those moments:

as you can see by the flags, it was world cup fever

Walter and Trevor discover the mac book pro...

...and get by blinded by technology

And then after lunch I headed up to Queens Ferry near Edinburgh to meet with our Scottish congregation who are also just a joy to be with. I met with the youth first out in the docks.

in Scotland

And then later with the elders in Paul and Ulrike Currie’s home:

still in Scotland

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