Steven Huish: how to make a foundation for the messiah

One of our assistant pastors, Steven Huish gave the message today. I kept wondering where his notes were. He just stood there, no podium, notes: “how does he do that?”

Definitely going to ask for some body language tips. He completely didn’t need the podium, when I tend to hang onto it for dear life. Reamonn introduced the wireless mike today so next time I think I will try that out.

A lot of good content, and as always when it is drawn from personal experience it rings true. He was sincere, honest, and direct.

His core message: to become spiritually rounded we need to relate to God and people in the right way, and make a daily foundation to experience the grace that comes from our saviour.

A few elders came up to me after the service and shared how they found it really helped them. One sister said “I was going to take 360 outreach cards, but after Steven’s message I think I will just take 50 and see how I go.” Another said he felt like he has done a lot of work on learning the theory but felt moved to work on his practice. I asked one of the teens and they said they were shocked and surprised at how short it was. I asked them what kind of surprised? They said: “Pleasantly surprised.”

Great lunch by Naomi and her team. And thank you to all who come and serve on a Sunday.

Beautiful song by Kathleen before the message

"I am your angel" by Kathleen Moloney

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2 Responses to Steven Huish: how to make a foundation for the messiah

  1. Mitty April 18, 2010 at 7:43 pm #

    Thanks Steven for your message, amazing no notes…the secret is that you let the Holy Spirit speak through your heart! Looking forward to more sermons…short and meaningful…

  2. Profile photo of Peter Schroder
    Peter S April 19, 2010 at 9:03 am #

    Thank you, for the whole of the Sunday Service (songs and announcements included), leading the heart through so many different shades of emotions.

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