Korea trip: Day 1: Jet-lag and registration

Today was just registration and a brief orientation so I went into town to visit a friend who works at the Church Foundation office. Hoon Oh is responsible for organising Divine Principle education for all the employees of our church companies and now he has recently been given an extra job in human resource development.

Hoon Oh was one of our UK CARP stars back in 2005/6

While there I met someone unexpectedly at the reception desk outside Kook Jin Moon’s office, who I hadn’t seen for 8 years, she used to be with us in UK CARP back in the day.

I always get that experience when I come here, when someone says hello and my brain has to use all it’s RAM to quickly place the face and hopefully a name too: this time I had to ask the name: Ji Hi Park. She took me for a nice lunch:

Lunch with Ji Hi Pak...another old UK CARPie

and she shared a great story about how the spiritual world is working through people’s dreams:

1st: she had a dream about Pastor Hyung Jin Moon who was telling her to invite her friend to church.

2nd: She invited her friend who is one of her flat mates to church for Sunday worship.

3rd: The next four days her friend had a dream every night where True Father was teaching her.

4th: She gave her friend the Divine Principle book, and when she started reading, it fell out of her hand because she was so surprised to read what she had been taught the last four nights in her dreams. After picking it up again she read the whole book in one day.

Can’t upload the video blog, sorry. Korean YouTube won’t allow it because Google is in some kind of legal fix with S Korean internet law.

Finally we could upload the vlog. (thanks Rea!!)

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  1. Profile photo of Réa
    Réa George February 18, 2010 at 1:51 pm #

    Wow sounds like your having fun!
    Our arrival was quite the opposite – but had a good experience playing for True Parents + Family & others today 🙂

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