sweet taste of freedom

Did you ever experience the sweet taste of freedom in a moment, when you grabbed hold of your responsibility and just did what you knew to be true and right? The moment when our intellect, emotion and will power all sync together with our conscience is an incredibly liberating feeling.

Our freedom grows out of becoming more responsible, and in a world that is often full of irresponsibility, whether it is social, moral, personal, professional, or collective, it takes a conscious decision to become an owner and create an environment of freedom.

This was my favourite passage from our morning devotion today:

“Human beings are in a midway position where they must determine whether they belong to the side of goodness or to the side of evil. A person cannot receive help from a third party to decide whether he is heading in the direction of goodness or evil; he must decide this by himself.” Cheon Seong Gyeong, pg 1219

Yes of course you can get encouragement, good will, advice, care, and love from your parents, friends, pastors, and God, but in the end it is you who makes the choice and makes the decisions about following your conscience and your original mind.

That is the sweet and sometimes bitter truth of freedom. Good luck with your decisions today. I hope you find the freedom that lets you fly high.

Then I'd be free at last, free at last Great God Almighty I'd be free at last To let my feelings lie where harm can not come by And hurt this always hurtin' heart That needs to rest awhile I wish by golly I could spread my wings and fly And taste the sweetest taste of freedom for my soul

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