Becoming disciples that absorb and radiate True Parents love (Like when the sun shines on this Earth.)

Recently we have all been watching Reverend Hyung Jin Moon’s ‘Taiwan’ message about testifying to True Parents and being open and proud about who we are.

My main conclusion was that this needs a very full personal response in terms of evaluating, and reflecting on our faith. He says if my faith is weak, then I need to assess and evaluate it. So, simply to watch the speech online, and be excited by Rev. Hyung Jin Moon’s conviction is not the whole point.
We need to let people know that True Parents are on Earth, but we should allow them to experience their love, their wisdom their guidance and concern for all our lives.We need to absorb and then radiate God’s love just as when the sun shines on this planet.

when the light shines

That means much more than just talking to people. It means serving them.

When you look at yourself remember that God only made one of you. He doesn’t make copies, only originals. Remember that too, when you look at your family and community.

This year can be the year when we discover that we are, and never will be God’s ‘plan B’, but instead God shaped every single member of our congregation and put them in His church for a specific reason, and to be part of His ‘plan A’.

The abilities that God planted in each of us can really shine when we realise how to develop them and how to use them to testify to True Parents’ mission and life.

As a community we just have to get better at empowering each other.

One way I know I can do a lot better at radiating God’s love is by preparing more in my work, paying attention to the details, and working on my different projects with a lot more thought and prayer so that what I create is well designed.

When I look at what Pastor Hyung Jin is doing with the temple in Korea, I can see his motivation is to be able to testify more powerfully to True Parents. If we make our Lancaster Gate HQ a place to receive people and care for our members and guests, we can start to see it as place that personifies True Parents.

God wants to see you become someone who makes a unique contribution, based on your character, life experience, and abilities. God calls us all to serve. As we learn to serve, God comes to trust us and lets us see more of who we are and how we can fulfil our potential.

sunset tree, by Matthew Sawl. let us absorb God's love and radiate in our own special way

This is our FFWPU statement of purpose that we established around 12 months ago:

Statement of Purpose »

1. We share God’s blessing and True Parents’ message with others.

2. We create a spiritually secure community where people can enjoy fellowship as one family.

3. We empower people to discover and fulfil their calling to serve God and others.

It’s a work in progress…

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One Response to Becoming disciples that absorb and radiate True Parents love (Like when the sun shines on this Earth.)

  1. Mari Angeles Warren January 24, 2010 at 11:34 am #

    I totally agree with your review of our response to Hyung Jin Nim messages in Taiwan. You bring up a really good point; witnessing is more than words. It is also service and character. These things were in my mind but could not express them.
    You have got a gift. You master the English language and can express things very well, with precision and poetry. “Radiating God’s love as the sun shines on this planet” is such a beautiful comparison.

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