the blessing equation

Did anyone ever ask you: ‘are you blessed?’ while meaning: ‘are you married?’

recently with all the talk about sharing the marriage blessing I thought it would be good to do a series of sermons on ‘what is God’s blessing?’ and look more closely at how we perceive it. It might help to empower us to share more about God’s blessing and True Parents.

Here is my power point from part 1: the blessing equation. It’s missing all the notes, but like with the small group materials on my previous post, leave a request or send me an email if you want them.

In part 2 this Sunday, we will look at how we can recognise and practice the behaviours that bring blessing to our family and community, how God has been trying to teach us these things for a loooong time. How we can go beyond being ‘blessed’ in name and move towards feeling blessed in our every day life.

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  1. Susan Crosthwaite December 14, 2009 at 9:13 am #

    Thankyou Simon for being very frank with us about your thought process, and your effort to be visionary on our behalf!! Yesterday, Mrs Song spoke to our South London Community, and she said many very interesting things about the meaning of the October 14th Blessing. She also said that ‘I myself’ am the only one who limits my ability to fulfil my dream, encouraging us to think far more faithfully about who we are and what God is longing to give us – and what God is loning to give through us too – if we will open our hearts and minds and be big enough to embrace the vision for an eternal life full of the Blessing of loving one another without limit. I will do my best to join you in being more clear about where God wants me to be, and be open to make more wonderful relationships happen in the days to come.

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