Happy 50th True Childrens Day.

Dear UK Unificationists, brothers and sisters,

Happy 50th True Children’s Day!

(Where do you think True Parents were on this holy day 13 years ago in 1996? See if you can guess the region/country and find out if you guessed right by reading to the end.)

Lancaster Gate Headquarters Church holy day message:

they didn't sit still the whole way through...but still pretty good

they didn't sit still the whole way through...but still pretty good

What quality of love do children need to receive? Unconditional, true love. People who are parents or who stand in that role should be a clear and effective channel for God’s love.

This is what True Parents have established for the first time in human history. It has meant that through the very real blessing that they pass on to us from God we have an opportunity to create our family in the way God intended. They have discovered and articulated what God’s plan is for the family. They have demonstrated this by regarding all of us as their children and always treating us as such. They have given us everything.

Considering this fact, I ask myself: what kind of child am I? What is the best thing children can do to make their parents happy. Eddie’s (4yrs old) answer to this at pledge today was: “kiss.” When parents see small children trading their toys with each other peacefully, playing together happily, they feel at peace. We can bring joy to our True Parents heart when we help and love our siblings. If we can do that in our community and then also do it with our brothers and sisters outside our Unificationist community and bring each other closer to True Parents, then they can experience peace too.

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We have a European plan to bring 1200 people to receive the marriage blessing in January, that is something very real we can offer to True Parents before their birthday celebrations in February. That is on average about 12 couples for each community. Last night I watched Hyung Jin NIm’s latest sermon where he recounts his discussion with some strong elderly evangelical Korean Christian ladies in the street. He confessed that he felt liberated after because he experienced the freedom of sharing who True Parents are and where they stand in human history.

Our Unification tradition is best understood in the context of the family. Let us practice this teaching with our own parents and in our own family. Here is what Father has said previously on this day:

“This Holy Day refers to the true children of God: have any lived until now? Let us look at the development of this history, to see if we have lived as true children of God.

From the first True Children’s Day until now, was there any sinless day, any day free of shame and disgrace? Centered on God, who can be a true son? What kind of person? Who is the king, father, master and teacher, owner of this world? Without being a child, we can’t be a father; without being a disciple we can’t be a teacher. We have to gain authority to stand in those positions. Even to be a first grade teacher, we must pass exams. To be an owner, we must be recognized. In each of these areas, the most important qualification is the gaining of recognition by the superior. Why? Centered on love, in True Love, we must be recognized as victorious. Then we can inherit the position of children of True Parents, or teacher, or master, or owner. The only way to inherit is through love, True Love. What is True Love?

True Love is love which never changes through the 365 days of the year. It is constant, every single day. It doesn’t change in 10,000 years. It wants to be connected to the original cause. The tradition of Unification Church should be established by the parents, not children. The children themselves say the parents should establish the tradition; and parents say the children are the center of the tradition. True Love thinks of the other. Think not as what you are [i.e., from your own viewpoint], but as the partner [i.e., from the partner’s viewpoint]. Through True Love we establish such a relationship.

In daily life, who is a filial son? In Korea, we know the tradition of filial son: someone who day and night is worried about his parents, even what they are going to have for breakfast. The filial son is the one who is worrying about his parents and wants to give to them first. When the parents eat those three meals prepared with that loyalty, parents will feel ashamed to even pick up their fork, because of the love they feel from their children.”
37th True Children’s Day
Father’s Address
November 11, 1996
Hotel Victoria Plaza, Montevideo, Uruguay
Unofficial Notes of The English Translation

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  1. Olga Serebrennikova November 27, 2009 at 10:17 am #

    “When parents see small children trading their toys with each other peacefully, playing together happily, they feel at peace.”
    It’s truly so.

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