if I think I know who she is…..

Yesterday evening I listened to a lecture by William Haines on the subject of lineage and blessing, which got me thinking.

One point in particular started a process in me. We discussed about the second of the 10 Commandments which tells us not to make any idols, to have no graven images of God. We looked at the deeper implications, and how to make an image of God and limit the creator to a concept that we may have in our mind is simply wrong: an image is finite where as God is infinite, etc.

We discussed about how we all make the mistake of doing this with people too. That was when I considered how our limitations to love others results in us establishing rigid concepts of who they are, and how we behave towards them. Why do we do this? Perhaps we feel safer when we have everything mapped out according to our criteria. But of course it cuts us off from fresh experiences.

If we project images onto people we cannot truly love them. We should love people as they are. That is what it means to be unconditional. There is an endless mystery in people that comes from somewhere, and that should prevent us from putting people in a boxes.

This brought me back to think of God again. People – God – people again – God again, these relationships are so intertwined. So, I realized how this second commandment is telling me to LET GO of the concepts I have about God. Only then can I start to explore a new and deeper way of relating to God. So often my starting point is related to a fear of one thing or another, or an unconscious belief that everything, even with God, is conditional.

And as always my thoughts on God always brings me back to people. When I sit down to breakfast with my wife in a minute, it will be the same as it ever was – if I think I know who she is. But, if I make the effort to look at her with pure and innocent eyes, which have realized that what I know about her is only a tiny fraction of who she is, it will be like no breakfast that we have had before, everything will be a little bit new. So that’s me this morning, doing my best to prepare for the blessing that True Parents want to give us this week.

(and thank you William for a v stimulating lecture.)

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  1. Marie-Helene Berglind October 12, 2009 at 11:03 am #

    I agree with the essential points of this article although I don’t like at all generalizations: “We” or “we all do”. I like the personal testimony.

  2. Profile photo of Matthew Huish
    matthew huish October 12, 2009 at 4:39 pm #

    i was sitting next to Natasha on an aircraft and i discovered myself growing increasingly agitated and annoyed by the various people surrounding us. those negative emotions disappeared in the instant i decided to try a parental attitude towards those individuals. after that experience, i told myself i should try to have said parental heart more often…

  3. tokuwa October 13, 2009 at 9:51 am #

    this was a great post. as maggie and i had our 1st anniversary yesterday (unfortunately we were 600 km apart). i was reflecting on how to not take our relationship for granted.

    thank you

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