the Saturday Service starting at 6.30pm on 3rd October in LG


I have been wondering for a long time when I would get round to starting some ministry efforts of my own. A few people including my boss have been encouraging me to do so. A chance meeting with William Haines ended up being the catalyst. He was also being asked to start a student worship service.

So here it is:

theSATURDAYservice final small

our first flyer...

The target audience is about 18 – 30, as most things work well when they have a focus, but at the same time it really is open to everyone. Otherwise I would be too old…

The other focus is to create a spirit which will be accessible for people to bring their friends to. I probably shouldn’t say too much more until it gets going.

I can just add that Steven and Alex Shaw will take on the music ministry and Chieko Cooper will do the food ministry. William Haines will give the first message and I will do the second.

We will be keeping to a theme for the first few services: developing a faith that works.

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    Toby Warren September 24, 2009 at 10:48 am #

    Thats synchronicity for you! I just wrote you half a sermon! The force is strong with this one! Take care.

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