a perspective on human life

One of the great strengths of the Divine Principle is that it explains so well the dynamic relationship between God and His children: that as human beings we need to both listen to God and at the same time determine our own personal destiny.

do you know your intrinsic qualities that are unique to you?

do you know your intrinsic qualities that are unique to you?

Just been doing my morning study: On page 1487 of the Cheon Song Gyong, Father (Reverend Moon) talks about this:

“Hence you need to look deep inside your mind and consider the intrinsic qualities you were born with originally, and by considering them, you should decide the future purpose that you will pursue. Though God may point you in the right direction, itis up to you to followit of your own accord.”

Then in the middle of page 1489 he explains why it is so important for us to pray and meditate, in order to keep our mind sharp and focused comparing it to how one would whet a knife constantly to keep it fit for purpose.

prayer and meditation are powerful tools to sharpen and focus the mind

prayer and meditation are powerful tools to sharpen and focus the mind

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  1. Profile photo of Matthew Huish
    Matthew Huish July 16, 2009 at 11:40 pm #

    it is indeed a blessing that i am a co-creator, that i have the opportunity to create my own destiny, to be the architect of my future in the choices i make now.

    this is so relevant to me since i recently made a very personal decision, a choice between two paths which were equally valuable, but God trusted me to make my own mind up and pursue my personal interest.

    this required me to call upon the god within me. by exercising my freedom in the execution of this decision, i grow towards the god-like true man to which i aspire, making my heavenly father proud to see me becoming his true son. (eventually)

    thanks for this post – it resonated with me all the way in Rome

  2. Profile photo of simon
    Simon Cooper July 17, 2009 at 10:35 am #

    Thank you Matt,

    Yes, it is definitely a sophisticated task to encourage someone to listen to advice and a higher perspective, while at the same time provide them with the space through which they can make their own decisions and develop a strong sense of personal conviction and autonomy in their life. As a parent this is the challenge of helping children to build their character.

    I encouraged Damon to write a card this morning (on the last day of school) for his teacher cuz he rally enjoyed being in her class the last 2 years and i was very aware that it had to be his decision to ultimately do it, and that my role was to help him to see that it could be worthwhile. I tried to show him how to balance his feeling of being “too shy”, with the happiness he would be giving his teacher. Anyway, he did it, although, he asked me to give her the card.

    I asked Lenny who doesn’t have quite the same relationship with his teacher. And he just said flatly: “no.” Decided not to pursue that one…we will probably get her something from us.

  3. Profile photo of Nigel Barrett
    Nigel Barrett July 17, 2009 at 11:53 am #

    I agree Simon. As children are growing all the time a parent has to constantly shift and change the amount of control vs freedom. Complete laissez faire will damage a child just as much as being too dictatorial — it is a fine balance or rather a perpetual state of trying to find balance.

  4. Profile photo of Jeff Bateman
    Jeff Bateman July 19, 2009 at 9:39 am #

    I like the Story of your children Simon. It is important that they feel they are making their own decisions in consultation and with loving education from their parent.

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