True Parents are arriving in Europe Friday 17th July and my reflections on being a parent.

Just heard this morning from our FFWPU European Office that True Parents* will be arriving a few days early before the Peace Cup with Real Madrid etc.

arriving in Europe Friday 17th July

arriving in Europe Friday 17th July

I went over to Livingstone House to meet with Rev and Mrs Song and others to discuss the preparations.

The plan is that initially before they arrive to open the Peace Cup they are able to have some quiet time visiting some nice part of Europe. Father is over 90 now.

Of course as a community we want to be able to welcome them properly and host them in a way that can reflect our heart. That is why we are encouraging all Blessed families to offer a donation to support their visit. That is where the budget will come from. It’s a chance to make an offering. (Cheques payable to FFWPU, and send to 43, Lancaster Gate, W2 3NA).

Got home and by bed time ended up reflecting on my heart as a parent. Wasn’t intending to, but circumstances dictated it: As we were putting the boys to bed, and trying to have our new tradition of a closing meeting, one of the boys started really playing up and waking up the youngest, and so I took him out of the room. But I was too rough. I let him get to me. I ended up sitting in the garden and left Chieko to finish up. Thought a lot about his behaviour and then about mine and noticed I might be bigger and stronger, but maybe not that much more mature. At least not enough to fully command his respect.

Heard him sneaking around downstairs. I decided I wanted to apologise and ended up having a talk, he told me how he felt, and I tried to discuss things a bit more broadly. He didn’t really feel able to say sorry for his behaviour, but he did let me teach him how to cure his hiccups, by drinking from a glass backwards. So, I guess that can count.

*Point of  information: Unificationists call the founders of the Unification tradition, (Reverend Moon and Hak ja Han Moon), ‘True Parents’. See the link below to find out why:

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  1. Bob Exler July 23, 2009 at 4:13 am #

    This email is from the US. What is the best way, website to stay in touch with
    the European movement.

    Bob CBF Houston, Texas.

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