(husband and wife moments no.2) marriage is also a friendship?

Life is interconnected especially when it comes to family relationships, so normally I don’t find it too helpful to separate things out, but sometimes it does help to bring clarity to my heart. I was sitting on the sofa with Chieko and wondering, if we were to take away (hypothetically of course) the children, the mission, our work, and all the little things we need to get done, until all that is left is her and me, then how are things going? Would we be friends? Are we friends? It is a funny thing when you seem to share everything in your life with another person, how it is possible to take the relationship for granted.

The old cliché that a marriage relationship is like a car that needs to be taken care of and serviced regularly is very true. I want to think how I can consistently take care of the friendship with my wife so that when all the things that currently keep us busy change, there is no dark void to freak us out, but rather just a new space in our life to explore together. Maybe I am realising that though God blessed us by bringing us together, he then gave us the responsibility to be creative with that precious and unique Blessing.

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    Matthew Huish April 6, 2009 at 8:40 pm #

    Most of the time, I feel like Natasha, my wife, is my best friend. I can think of few things better than to run away from the world and spend eternity only with her.

    Most of the time…

    It’s very true, every relationship needs investment, especially the ones that can be easily taken for granted.

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    Peter Schroder April 9, 2009 at 12:11 am #

    I wish sometimes there would be an in-build gauge showing me the exact heartistic frequency (and response to each other) in our relationship (my wife and I) at any given moment. I would find this very, very reassuring. I would than pick the highest frequency, invest and work on it, make it more frequent and declare it as our own newly found common ground. … From there, I would dig deeper and deeper and deeper … (HF, do you listening to that?)

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