words of guidance from Sir Alex Fergusen

Dear brothers and sisters,

I hope you have a good Ahn Shi Il day.

I know for many of us “providential pressure” has in the past been perceived as a health risk! As Unificationists there have been many requests and demands on us to fulfil various goals and spiritual conditions.

Recently I have come to realise that if I can readjust my perspective just a little bit my circumstances can become a blessing rather than a burden. I discovered that it is down to me. The seemingly heavy nature of God’s providence that I have sometimes interpreted as a lead weight around my neck can instead become like a sparkling necklace that sheds light on my state of mind and on the world around me. God and True Parents only want to help us see.

The challenges that the Global Peace Festival project has brought to my work and mission have only helped me to constructively assess different aspects of my character, my abilities, my strengths and weaknesses. God would like to give each of us instruction for our lives, to help make us people of character. But he needs a context!

His providence, True Parents, and True Family’s activities and initiatives create the circumstance for us to really come closer to the core of who we are. If we embrace that providential context, not simply seeing it as something to do with ‘church things’, but more importantly associating it with the taking up of a spiritual path, then  it can be  a good way to find personal victory and happiness in our life.

What we are doing with the GPF is trying to change ‘old ways’ on so many fronts. For as long as I have been around in the movement we have never sold tickets and have done little with the internet and online registration. That is why the ticket sales are currently slow. It is a little challenge for us! So if you go online and buy a ticket for yourself or a friend, or if you do the same even with the paper tickets (buy one and also buy one for your friend/family/etc) then you are actually creating a cultural development, you are doing something profound which is allowing the Unification movement to go beyond its current limitations and parameters.

If you believe that God is alive in our movement and our community, then through your ticket buying actions you are tangibly helping our very real God, to reach to a new experience, a new place, in this very real world of ours. Hope I am not stretching this too far for you, but I believe these challenges are very exciting.

We need a context, through which we go beyond our comfort zone. It is moving to see many Blessed families willingly, generously, making room in their houses for all the volunteers coming to London to help with the GPF. There are countless other examples of service that brothers and sisters are offering at this time. When you look at the famous football managers they all faced circumstances that helped build their strength of character. Sir Alex Ferguson recently shared in a rare interview in The Times about one of the great Scottish football managers, Jock Stein who started out as a miner before his football career:

“You go down that pit shaft, a mile underground. You can’t see a thing. The guy next to you, you don’t know who he is. Yet he is the best friend you will ever have.’ ” Ferguson pauses for a moment. “All of these things congeal in your character. And they never leave you.”

I believe and know the experiences we have in our families, in our community, not only over these next three weeks towards November 22nd , but also for the years to come, will also help us to establish a tradition in our nation that will never leave.

God bless you. (oh…and buy that ticket, and somehow….invite someone.)



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