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Dear brothers and sisters,

Happy Ahn Shi Il, (for yesterday.) I hope you could have a good week. I want to give you an interesting perspective on the Global Peace Festival.

Firstly it really is global, and an incredible testimony to how God and True Parents have established a worldwide foundation, that goes far beyond the members of our Church. In many places the GPF has been taken up and pioneered by Ambassadors for Peace, especially in nations where there are few Blessed families. Also, Hyun Jin Nim has had an uncanny, clearly God given ability, to move and win over top political and social leaders who had not been sympathetic at the outset. He has brought on board even current Prime Ministers of some nations, Mega Church leaders, etc, because he genuinely exudes passion and commitment to the vision of one family under God.

If you listen (pls click the link below) to Sun Jin Nim’s recent message at the ‘HQs church’ she candidly expresses her gratitude to all of us, but especially all of you who have been walking with and attending True Parents and God all these many years. However it may seem to yourself, all of you have done so much through your life, to help realise the vision of one family under God. So, it would be sadly ironic if we cannot find a place for ourselves in this project.

This global peace festival project really is a vehicle that gives us an opportunity to bring change and develop a culture through which God can work. Part of that change and development is also for our own Unification movement and family. But it really needs all of us to make that happen. Otherwise, we revert back into our standard operating procedure of top down direction, mobilisation for an event, etc.

I have seen signs that what we are doing this time round is very different from before. But, what we have to figure out is how to make it relevant for all of our lives. All of us, regardless of our position, can return to a previous era and miss this opportunity, if we so wish.

I am aware of the tension between the vision and expectation and the real day to day lives of our local communities. Even many of our pastors are out at work all day and then doing their mission after they clock off. I feel motivated to help figure out the solution that does exist to make this last 36 days towards November 22nd a success.

It is a success if it is a launch for our movement to start to fly, rather than to fulfil an obligation towards making an event happen. It is a victory, if it means we start to feel free to really work with others beyond our faith community, rather than just doing everything on our own. Finally it is meaningful if through our volunteering efforts we grow spiritually, and become more mature in heart and fulfilled in our soul. Is that not what all people are ultimately and unconsciously craving for?

So please get in touch with your pastor and ask how you can help. Also, knowing that on a family level I stand in the same circumstance as many of you, I am asking myself what am I doing about it? I am making a plan with my family, (well, more with my wife, the kids are not so in to planning yet) to figure out as a family how we are going to contribute, who we are going to invite, write to, etc. I know I should have done this probably more than a few weeks ago, but better late than never!

I will write again soon, to keep you updated. (and feedback is gratefully received.)

(The keys to open this GPF door for all of us are initiative and creativity….hmmm  a personal challenge for all of us to use these qualities that we often keep locked away.)

God bless you, and thank you.


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