Dear brothers and sisters,

I hope you had a wonderful summer. Welcome to autumn and the start of the new school/academic year. Let us share in the beauty each season brings, and hopefully we can all experience the harvest that autumn is known for.

I would like to report to you and explain a bit what I have been doing over the last month since I last wrote towards the end of July.

Right now, I am in the Frankfurt airport lounge having just been at the Settlement Age Workshop graduation. I am sitting with Kenneth Read and Hijiri Barrett who happened to be on the same flight back to London. They have been working very hard over here the last few weeks, so they are catching up on some sleep: please see attached picture (permission was given.)

My main contribution was to the staff football team that traditionally plays all the participants on the final day, and we could win comfortably as is also the tradition. (The game is a bit rigged towards that result.) The culture on this workshop is really amazing. The dynamic between the participants, the team leaders and staff is very unique and inspired. One elder sister who was workshop mum shared in the final staff meeting how moved she was to receive some money at the end. She said it was the first time in 30 years to have such an experience. It was a healthy culture shock to be here with everyone even just for 48hours. Europe is the only place which has consistently continued to hold these workshops that Hyun Jin Nim initiated around 2000/2001. He established something very special through this very intense and challenging workshop and the staff members have been doing a great job trying to pass on the culture of heart that is the main theme and focus of the program. It is also now part of the registration process for those wanting to go to STF, and acts as a helpful spiritual stepping stone in the lives to all who come along. There were several UK members supporting as staff: Chris Chasseaud, Steven, Sean Greaves, and Chris Maloney. Tim Read also visited to give some of the Completed Testament Age lecture content.


I have been involved in helping to take our Global Peace Festival project forward. Especially in preparation towards 22nd Nov. We now have a good focused team headed up by Mark Brann that is really helping to drive the preparations forward. Please have a read of the letter I wrote in the Home Town News this week that explains these developments in more detail. Recently we held a meeting with the policy and partnership department of Greenwich Council, and they are supporting our efforts towards the GPF program we will be holding in their town hall on the 13th September.


IN HQs we prepared an annual report for our AGM, which we held in Cleeve House during the annual gathering. I am attaching this to the email. Please have a look through. I think it is good for us all to be up to date on what our Movement has been doing in the UK, especially for when we might want to explain to others what is going on. It is for public consumption, so please feel free to show it to anyone. Hopefully it is also something we will improve on and develop over time. Not many people normally come to the AGM, so we thought it would be good to print up a summary of the reports and put it together in one document to inform and report to our membership.

I am also trying to prepare for our next regional meeting on the 20th September when all the pastors, Blessed Family Department, and others meet to report, discuss and plan together. Our key focus will be on reviewing the message and guidance we received recently from Dr Seuk and Rev Song: considering how to inherit from what Hyung Jin Nim has been doing in Korea with Kook Jin Nim.

I am planning to attend the Divine Principle workshop in Livingstone House from the 11th – 17th September. One of the reasons is that I want to be able to catch all the content from David Hanna’s power points that he has been developing, so that I can be able to use them myself. I keep hearing inspiring reports about his workshops and the investment he is making into reviving Divine Principle education is really needed.

Take care,


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