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Dear brothers and sisters,

A few days ago True Parents were in a helicopter crash. If you go to: www. you can listen to a message from Hyung Jin Nim where he is reassuring everyone that True Parents are OK and also thanking everyone for their concern.

My first thoughts were how True Parents are really very much under God’s protection as most helicopter crashes are fatal. My next thoughts were more introspective and I realised how my personal relationship with them is limited and lacking. I wanted to suggest sincerely that after such an incident it is very good for us to all pray more deeply for True Parents, their work, and our bond with them.

Over the weekend just gone we had a particularly intense 2 day meeting guided by Reverend Song with all European national and regional leaders, and several UK HQs staff and UK regional leaders. I will send a fuller report regarding that meeting before too long.

Today our family is going to join the South London region summer camp which will be held down near South End on the coast. I am really looking forward to it! However, I will pop back to London tomorrow as we are starting a Wednesday evening program in Lancaster Gate (7pm – 8.30pm). The focus is to go through Hyung Jin Nim’s new book, House of Heaven’s Harmony. We will study one chapter each week. The format is we read the chapter at home during the week, and have a short power point presentation on Wednesday evening with some discussion about the content and sharing of our thoughts and feelings. It opens up a whole new perspective for us on what it means for us to live a spiritual life, and also provides the practical exercises and disciplines that if we learn can help us tremendously.

For those who cannot make it to HQs please tell me if you would like to receive the power point each week and I can send you the pdf file of the book, and you are welcome to join us each week in our study. I am also trying to find out how we can order some of his books from the USA, where apparently it has been out for more than a year.

Take care,


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