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Dear brothers and sisters,

I hope you are well, and enjoying the good weather.

Over the last two weeks or so Chieko and I have visited  Scotland. We were able to spend a day together with the Blessed central families there and also share together with Paul and Ulrike Currie who are the regional leaders. As always it was really a blessing to meet with all the different family members, young and old, and to talk with them and gain inspiration from their heart and loyalty towards God and True Parents.

This last weekend we held a staff care and training seminar where we invited all regional leaders and HQs staff to come together to share, discuss, and also receive some different presentations. The topics were related to:

· more profoundly understanding our missions in God’s providence,

· reflecting on our working habits and reviewing our ‘job descriptions’,

· how to be creative in our work and family life,

· finally, but importantly getting to know each other better through spending time together,

Quite a few people expressed that they really liked it. Our goal is that we can develop the quality of this type of seminar over time, and continue to make it a fulfilling and joyful experience to work and volunteer within the UPF, FFWPU, and other affiliated organisations. I am grateful to all those who came to participate, and especially to all who helped volunteer as staff, and made it possible.

At the moment my main concern is finalising the venue for the celebration of our Global Peace Festival Project which will take place on the 14th September (marking one of the staging posts towards 2012.) In HQs we have put a lot of energy into finalising this point, but we still have not got the result we want. We absolutely want to get the contracts signed with venues by very latest the 16th May, which is 120 days before the event.

Work with our partners for the ongoing GPF projects is going well. Some brothers and sisters are developing very good partnerships and social projects through their UPF work or through other connected or related organisations. I was involved recently in one program which we organised with the Philippine Nursing Association where we could hold a forum together with the Philippine Embassy and His Excellency, the ambassador, on the topic of how migration affects traditional values. It was my first experience to give a public talk presenting the UPF perspective and to share a bit on the ‘5 core principles’. You can now start to see more news on all of these projects on the GPF website which our media and publication team have been working hard on. The address is: We will be continuing to develop this site over the coming months so that it can serve as a hub of information for our UPF flagship project. I hope you can all find away to get involved so that we can make this a truly national project that reaches far beyond the borders of our own small but blessed community.

Take care,


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