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Family Federation…

So, Hyung Jin Nim was last week appointed the international president of FFWPU! He has also inherited from Hyun Jin Nim, his elder brother, the CARP organisation and the responsibility for all matters relating to the 2nd Generation of our movement. Hyun Jin Nim who is currently touring many nations in South America will continue to develop the YFWP and UPF international foundation, along with his many other responsibilities in the USA which include the Washington Times Foundation.

I was very inspired to hear this news. For me it made me think again how profound True Parent’s heart must be that they are able to raise their children to take on such responsibility with so much confidence and dedication.

Couple of days ago I found Damon and Lenny chatting, wrapped in their towels in the changing rooms after swimming. They were sharing with each other about their three greatest wishes.

Damon’s were: to own the whole of Legoland, that no bad spirits existed, and that everything could work without fumes and electricity. (He is trying to work out his environmental credentials.)

Lenny’s were: To own the whole world (Damon explained he already owned Legoland), that no one killed the baby seals, and that there were no bad spirits.

So, that was another inspiration for me, to hear them discussing the bigger picture so seriously together.

Last 2 weeks the boys have been on holiday so it has been a juggling act especially since Chieko is really getting more involved every week with our mission. But we were able to take all the children for a four day holiday to Wales. We stayed with the Rosselli, Crosthwaite, and Brown family – about 7 parents and about 12 children. It really is a good idea to go on holiday together with other families. It’s good for the kids and very good for the parents. We met each morning as parents before the children woke up and then went out for lots of fresh air and adventures. (pls see attached)

In the last two weeks we could visit the new West London region which meets in Lancaster Gate (W2) which is led by Mr Hayashi and family. His community have joined together with what was central London region. We could express our gratitude to Marshal De Souza and family who have for many years always played a key role in keeping the small community around Lancaster Gate connected.

Also, this Sunday just gone we were able to visit the Birmingham region where we had a beautiful experience meeting all the Blessed families there. The message I gave over the last two Sundays was entitled ‘realising the dream’. Will try to put my notes together on this for everyone. The theme relates to how we can understand and then also experience the very special quality of the era after the coming of heaven which True Parents and True Family have begun and are inviting us to be a part of.


Last week in Lancaster Gate UPF signed a memorandum of understanding with the Philippine Nurses Association of the UK, to become a partner of the Global Peace Festival. We took a picture together, please see attached. We are planning to work on several projects together working towards the celebrations that will take place in September.

We have been working on many different matters connected to developing the UPF, and also the Global Peace Festival project and all the working groups and committees that are helping to build the momentum for September and beyond. We are still trying to finalise and secure the venue for the festival on September 14th in London, so please keep that in your prayers. I will try to report in more detail next time on the UPF work.

Take care


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