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Dear brothers and sisters,

Here are a few things from last week:


Am having a lot more interaction with the kids as Chieko is away on the 7 day Divine Principle workshop. Doing all the waking up and putting to bed. Got quite cross and grumpy with them, and was aware that this didn’t make them behave better. Next day realised that I was spending all my time reacting, rather than taking a more subjective role and being creative and giving them positive options. So, second I got back from work there was about an hour of day light left, and I asked Damon if he wanted to go and ride his bike in the park, as I know he has been wanting to. Of, course the rest one by one all said they wanted to come. It’s so much easier to manage four boys in the outdoors, than inside a terraced house. Despite the very kind help from some sisters, as always it made me deeply grateful to all that my wife does for our family.


Met with Juan Pique who is responsible for the Youth Department. I had written a draft job description and we realised that in certain areas although i had created an over all framework it was a bit vague. We discussed a whole range of youth related issues. One action step we made together was to get something out this month to inform everyone about opportunities to volunteer this summer as we build up towards our Global Peace Festival in September. As always the youth issue is a priority for our movement’s success. Firstly our membership is largely under 30 years of age now. But more important than the numbers is the more profound issue of what tradition is being passed on from one generation to the next. For God this is really the essential matter that went wrong originally with Adam and Eve. They could not pass on God’s culture of heart and a tradition of attendance to heaven, to their children. For all of us as Blessed family members this is what I believe we want to be able to pass onto our children (or future children if we do not have a family yet): some very substantial and active relationship with God and deep and genuine connection to our True Parents.

Sent out a list to our regional leaders to pass onto our membership regarding all the people who went as participants to the International Leadership Conference in Korea. The main intention was to inform a wider group about what is going on internationally as I met several members who did not know the ILC was coming up.

Got an email from Zishan Jiwa (Cambridge University Faith Forum founders), one of those who is in Korea at the ILC. Looks like things were going well over there.

Did some work with our UPF Secretariat in David Franklin’s office to prepare our GPF proposal and budget forecast for the international office in New York. There is now some money available for projects that have social impact and involve working together in partnership with others who share the vision of one family under God. So, we need to state clearly how we will make this money serve our society and help raise awareness effectively about the Global Peace Festival vision.

Friday: After 12 and ½ years and four different national leaders Stephen and Renata Parker have finished their mission as the regional leaders of Wales. (Interestingly as they are completing this particular mission, Renata’s spiritual son has just been asked to start a new mission as National leader of our Polish Unification Movement.) They have shown an incredible example of dedication and loyalty to God and True Parents through their work which often went far beyond Wales. Ron and Catherine German have taken up the mission as the new regional leader couple with a very beautiful heart not just to work as pastors but to really invest their energy with the rest of the membership into serving and reaching out to the people of Wales. We had a very warm and joyful change over ceremony in the home of Jason and Yuka Parson’s, which is really cool, like a kind of estate really: off the road down a track, an outhouse with koi (fish), dogs, etc. Peter Kong as always was a very engaging MC – humorous and yet also catching the seriousness and importance of the occasion. Every time I go to Wales I just want to stay longer.

On Saturday, went to the Divine Principle 7 day graduation. It was very moving to see how uplifted all the participants were. There was a very beautiful spirit also amongst all the staff.

Sunday we celebrated True Parents Day in Lancaster Gate HQs. Many members came and the place was full. After played football in the snow in Hyde Park with some pros.

Take care,


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